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Farm Fresh, Craft Hot Sauce

It’s a buzzword as of late - “craft.” Craft beer. Craft cocktails. Craft pizza. But we don’t like to just throw around the phrase “craft hot sauce.” Keeping the “craft” in our hot sauce is the veritable essence of Gindo’s. 

A craft is a skill in doing something or making something, as in skilled artistry. Our hot sauce is almost entirely handcrafted, in the way we make use of fresh, local ingredients, plucked straight out of local Midwestern dirt as often as possible. We work with local farmers to grow what we need, and when it’s all said and done, our staff is hand chopping ingredients in the kitchen, cooking up the next batch, and pouring it into bottles. Every week Chris Ginder concocts vibrant limited edition varieties of hot sauce inspired by and complimentary to cuisine from all over the world, taste testing to reach the perfect synthesis. Often taking suggestions and challenges from local hot sauce lovers, he enjoys surprising them with his take on their favorite style.

A craft art intimates the signature style of the maker. Gindo’s is in the fresh mouth feel that doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s in the sweet, but not overpowering bell peppers so often used as a base combined with unique varietals of chili peppers, dancing perfectly in sync with the acidity of its vinegar. Carefully curated artisan sea salts, spices, and herbs blend harmoniously to reach a perfect pitch. 

That’s just the sauce alone; Gindo’s reveals its unerring artistry in its use. We pride ourselves on a diverse array of craft hot sauces which lend ordinary dishes layered complexity, most often with pleasantly surprising twists. Our labels come with suggestions, but let them be just that! True art inspires, and our sauces are made to inspire YOU. From tacos, to wings, to lemonade, to ice cream and waffles, get crafty and don’t be afraid to pour!

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