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About Us

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well if one has not dined well.” –Virginia Woolf

  Cape May Beach Lighthouse Chris Ginder Mary Ginder 

Mary and Chris "Gindo" Ginder, affectionately known as "the Gindos."

People always ask us, why hot sauce?

Gindo's Spice of Life is a hot sauce company, and yet for us, it's so much more than hot sauce. Hot sauce doesn't have to be an afterthought or simply a condiment that you drip on your food to mask a mediocre dish or burn your senses useless. Our sauces are designed to help inspire creativity in the kitchen and enhance food by adding flavor, aroma, color, texture and even nutrients. 

As a husband and wife team working side by side, we aspire for the spicy life: one that’s filled with laughter and passion, organically integrated with family, work, travel, and creative inspiration, and almost always centered around good food.

When we started this company back in 2011, we simply wanted to make delicious pepper sauces with whole fresh peppers, sea salts and peppercorns—the spices of life. Since then, we’ve evolved our way of thinking. For so many people like us, the kitchen is the room with the most life in the house. It’s where people come together to not only cook and eat, but also commune and share stories and ideas, or start small businesses that grow into so much more.

We love the idea of being a part of that life, of having a little piece of us in every kitchen helping to inspire food and conversation. We’ve been humbled by the response we get from our sauces, by chefs who love using them in their restaurants, by writers who appreciate good food, and by ordinary people who tell us things like, “Gindo’s makes everything taste better.” We hope these sauces help add a little extra spice to your life, just as they've done for ours.

~The Gindos

Chris and Mary Ginder in Sonoma, CA

John Greenwalt, Josh Goldman, & Gindo at Justin Winery, Paso Robles


 Mary and Gindo - Napa Valley, CA  

Chris and Mary Ginder - Cape May, NJ

Mary Ginder - Malibu, CA

  Gindo in his home town - Cape May, NJ

From left to right: Sean Hanley, Mary Ginder, Chris Ginder "Gindo", Greg Omatoy, Gina Cano, Jason Cowling, and Chelsea Riley in Mammoth, CA

If you stand far enough away and squint your eyes it looks like Gindo and Jason are shredding down the hill.

Tim Puder, Tony Selna, Rob Bennett, Mike Ziggabaur, Gindo, Rich LaMonte - Big Bear Lake, CA

The Gindos at Gervasi Vineyard, Canton, OH

Mary's not so vigorous hike - Kern River, CA

Mary and Chris "Gindo" in San Luis Obispo, CA

 Oahu is for the birds

Rum Day in Kauai

Drinking rum out of the most awesome cups ever in Kauai, HI

The Morton Arboretum near Mary's hometown in IL with our two lil poblanos