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Discover a World of Flavor with Gindo's

Experience fresh pepper hot sauces, handcrafted in small batches by skilled hot sauciers. 

Gindo's Wholesale

We handcraft flavor-driven sauces with farm-fresh ingredients and sea salts, emphasizing our commitment to using only high-quality, natural ingredients. 

It's not just hot sauce, it's GINDO'S, and it's what FRESH tastes like.

Our mission started as a simple idea to make flavor driven sauces using farm fresh peppers and sea salts found in our kitchen. Since 2011, we've been handcrafting fresh and spicy pepper sauces that inspire creativity, complement food, and support local sustainability.

We're committed to manufacturing our own products using high quality, natural ingredients so we know every bottle has the same distinct level of freshness. Unlike traditional hot sauces, Gindo's sauces are meant be poured over, under, and into food to make any ordinary dish extraordinary. Give it a try, and see why fans say, "Gindo's makes everything taste better!"


We go above and beyond to ensure wholesale buyers always get what you need when you need it.

Fresh, Flavorful and Balanced

We offer multiple product options in various size formats to satisfy any consumer or retail shopper’s spicy taste buds.

Condiment, Marinade, Ingredient

The versatility of our sauces is beyond compare. From scratch ingredient to finishing sauce, Gindo's products offer a wide range of uses to satisfy a wide range of palates.


Discover a tantalizing array of dishes infused with the bold and vibrant taste of Gindo's signature hot sauces. From mouthwatering marinades to zesty dips and spicy mains, our recipes are crafted to ignite your taste buds and elevate your cooking adventures.

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We have several ways for you to connect with our Retail Program to make it as easy as possible for you. You can select utilizing the link below,, or contact us directly and we can discuss what Retail Program works best for you. We are also happy to work directly with you if that is your preferred method of ordering.

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What Our Customers Say

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Josh Beadel

The Breakfast Bar
Long Beach, CA, USA

Gindo’s hot sauces have been a staple of our business. Something customers look forward to, enhancing their experience while complementing the food without overwhelming heat unless desired by the customer. Its freshness, quality and flavor is unmatched and a product that we intend to keep as long as we are open.

Jeff Krause.png__PID:05377d8c-fec8-4068-9b91-75be8fba6d03

Jeff Krause

St Charles, IL, USA

Everything these people do is excellent. The sauces have the perfect Viscosity, not runny, nice and smooth. Their heat and flavor profiles drown out any hints of vinegar that dominate lesser quality brands. They do this while having a profound range of flavors and variety. If you are a hot sauce aficionado who prioritizes flavor AND heat then you will not be disappointed by anything you get here.

Alyssa Noel.png__PID:c6e40537-7d8c-4ec8-a068-1b9175be8fba

Alyssa Noel

Aurora, IL, USA

Definitely worth the hype, their hot sauce is a staple in our kitchen and we never let it run out. It makes for a perfect gift too. Everything is so fresh and it also stores really well on the shelf. They definitely have a passion for what they do and it shows. I think their prices are very reasonable as well, the size of the bottles will last us a while even though it gets used every other day. I really appreciate the time they put into each sauce, you won't be disappointed!

Available in 5oz, 8oz, and 64oz jugs

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Jalapeno 5oz, 8oz, 64oz (1).png__PID:560e299b-b10d-4b53-8c44-bb28e8dd7d55
Honey Hab 5oz, 8oz, 64oz.png__PID:299bb10d-bb53-4c44-bb28-e8dd7d5591a0
SGC 5oz, 8oz, 64oz.png__PID:b10dbb53-4c44-4b28-a8dd-7d5591a0f579
Truffle Parm 5oz, 8oz, 64oz.png__PID:bb534c44-bb28-48dd-bd55-91a0f5791b5d
Vampire Slayer 5oz, 8oz, 64oz (5).png__PID:bf560e29-9bb1-4dbb-934c-44bb28e8dd7d

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