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Original Fresh & Spicy Hot Sauce

Louisiana style hot sauce has a rich history going back to the late nineteenth century. Popular brands such as Crystal Hot Sauce, Tabasco®, Frank’s Red Hot Original®, and “Louisiana” The Perfect Hot Sauce, to name a few, have preserved their respective recipes with pride. We take our hats off to this unadulterated process of fermenting a pepper mash of either cayenne or tabasco chiles. Thin and vinegar forward, most of the name brand sauces with largest market share don’t utilize many other ingredients otherwise, instead relying on the sharp, earthy, and acidic of cayenne peppers or the notes of celery and green onions which pop up with the quickly dissipating heat on the lips and tongue of a tabasco chile to round out the flavor. Vinegar is quite often the first ingredient listed.

Gindo’s Original Fresh & Spicy turns this process on its head. Our own take on Louisiana style hot sauce is full bodied and complex. Red bell pepper preps the tongue with smooth, fruity, sweetness, undercutting the acidity of vinegar. Habanero pepper interrupts at the most opportune time and grows climatically. Just when its heat reaches a satisfying intensity, the freshness of the mouth feel softens it to a simmer, but the flavor that lingers is simply refreshing. 

  • AWARD-WINNING:  Gindo's Original is a 7x Award-Winning Louisiana style hot sauce, including First Place Best Louisiana Style hot sauce at the International Flavor Awards (2017, 2016), Fiery Foods Challenge (2018, 2017), World Hot Sauce Awards (2017) and Cajun Hot Sauce Festival Hot Sauce Competition (2014).
  • TASTE:  Fresh, tangy and sweet with a warm spicy finish.
  • HEAT LEVEL:  Medium
  • GREAT WITH:  Oysters, eggs, soups, sandwiches, burgers, bratwurst, pastas, pizza, stews, marinades, Bloody Marys or anything that needs a little extra kick.

INGREDIENTS:  Red Bell Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Habanero Pepper, Sea Salt, Organic Cane Sugar, Spices, Xanthan Gum


SIZE:  8 FL OZ (237 ML)

Each of Gindo's signature year-round hot sauces is so much more than hot sauce. Purposely designed to be straightforward, versatile pepper sauces that invite creativity from chefs and home cooks, Gindo's Original, Jalapeno Poblano and Honey Habanero can be used in a myriad of ways. The possibilities are endless. Let our sauces inspire you!


Type: Year-Round Sauce

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