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Ghost of Christmas Hot Sauce Gift Box

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Ghost of Christmas Gift Box

  • The 9th Annual Christmas Gift Set, available for a limited time!
  • Featuring 3 extra spicy sauces: Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future
  • Each sauce features different varietals of locally grown Ghost Peppers and Superhots and a blend of high quality ingredients.
  • Perfect gift for pepper heads and anyone who enjoys flavor with an extra spicy finish!
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SIZE: 3 bottles, 5 oz. each



a tribute to where chili peppers originated

In this sauce, we pay tribute to the Caribbean & South American cultures where it's believed most super-hot peppers originated. Tropical fruits like mango and pineapple merge with fiery Ghost, Habanero, and Aji Limon peppers. 


a love letter to modern day

This year's sauce encompasses the most popular flavor profiles that are currently trending, like black truffle and fresh garlic with Midwest farm fresh red Ghost, Fatali and Trinidad Scorpion peppers. 


anticipating the future of fiery foods

A rich and complex sauce to reflect the future of flavor. This year, it occurred to us that extra spicy verde style sauces might be the wave of the future, so we created a sauce featuring fire roasted Anaheim and Poblano peppers fused with Carolina Reaper, Chocolate Bhutlahs and Chocolate Moruga Scorpions.


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