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Over the past decade since the birth of Gindo’s and several other craft hot sauce brands, we’ve witnessed the coinciding emergence of a craft beer golden age here in the States. Craft hot sauce is nothing without the artisan cuisine with which it pairs, and because we’re both guided by our highly discerning palates, we feel a bit of a camaraderie with our fellow crafters. Cultured beer drinkers in America have yearned to imbibe on something less watery, bland, and homogenous than what only 93 breweries here were producing as of 1992. Craft breweries over the past decade have answered that call with enthusiasm. Today, there are over 9,200 breweries in the United States. Many of them are microbreweries and craft brewers. Just as we feel midwestern hot sauce has produced its own flavor profile known for fresh local ingredients, craft beer in the Midwest has made a new mark on the region. What better way than to support each other than to combine the crafts to produce something even more surprisingly dynamic and unique? 

Enter - beer hot sauce. We bring the two crafts together, and the results are legendary. From beer, to cider to coffee - we don’t discriminate between brews! We partner with local breweries to create the most exclusive and delicious beer hot sauces using local craft beer. Available both online and at individual breweries, these sauces are packed with superb flavor.

But we don't just stop at beer. We also collaborate with distilleries, coffee roasters, garlic farmers, craft spice companies and more to create some of the most dynamic and delicious fresh pepper hot sauces on the market.

Some are limited due to the production of the limited ingredients, like seasonal beers or harvest time of the garlic - so when we’re out, we’re OUT. But seasonal options come back from time to time, so keep your eyes peeled and get notified when we have your favorites in stock again.