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Gindo's 2019 October Box

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  • October's featured 3 bottle Gift Box Set
  • Featuring: Fresno Pepper Sauce, Hickory Serrano with Maple Syrup, and Friendly Ghost
  • Fresno Pepper Sauce:  An intoxicating blend of fresh fresno peppers and the unique superhot hybrid SBJ7 pepper. A hint of onion and garlic round out the rich flavor. Spice level between medium and hot.
  • Hickory Smoked Serrano w/ Maple Syrup: A delicious infusion of fresh serrano peppers, hickory smoke, and maple syrup. Flavor is rich, smokey, and fiery with caramel & molasses undertones. 
  • Friendly Ghost: Don't be afraid of this ghost pepper sauce! White ghost and Peruvian lemon aji peppers tempered by sweet bell peppers. Flavor is citrusy & fruity with a hint of smoke. Medium spice finish. 

Type: Limited Release