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Small Batch Box #30

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      • March's hot sauce of the month!
      • Featuring: Gindo's Tunisian Harissa, Spicy Avocado, and Cold Smoked Bhutlah
      • Three savory and complex hot sauces handcrafted with a variety of fresh peppers, sea salts, herbs and spices.
      • Gindo's Tunisian Harissa:  A staple in North African cuisine, Gindo's harissa sauce is bold and earthy with fresh tomato and bright citrusy notes. 
      • Spicy Avocado: This mild to medium pepper sauce is creamy, herbaceous, and zesty with a hint of avocado. 
      • Cold Smoked Bhutlah:  Featuring locally grown Chocolate Bhutlah Peppers that have been cold smoked. This sauce is intensely savory and smoky with a fiery finish.

Type: Limited Release

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