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Mango Chipotle Hot Sauce

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Elevate your taste buds with our Mango Chipotle medium heat hot sauce! Crafted with the perfect blend of ripe mangoes and smoky chipotle peppers, this fiery condiment adds a delicious kick to any dish. Experience the perfect balance of sweet and heat in every mouthwatering drop. Order now and spice up your culinary adventures!

TASTE:  Sweet mango, smoky chipotle and fresh habanero peppers make for an incredible burst of flavor on the palate.

TRY WITH:  Shrimp, Chicken Wings, Pork Chops, Beef Tacos, Seafood, Enchiladas, Burgers

INGREDIENTS:  Yellow Bell Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Mango, Red Bell Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Chipotle Powder, Himalayan Salt, Organic Agave Nectar, La Baleine Salt, Ground Peppercorn, Xanthan Gum


SIZE:  5 fl oz


Type: Limited Release