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July 2019 Box

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  • July's Hot Sauce of the Month!
  • Featuring: Peach Tea Scorpion, Meyer Tea-Malice, and Moroccan Mint Tea
  • Introducing the world's first tea infused hot sauces! We have created three incredibly unique pepper sauces using different varieties of tea from our local tea and spice shop, The Tea Tree. Aromatic, fruity and herbaceous, the teas provide a vibrantly flavorful contrast to the spicy warmth of the fresh locally grown peppers. 
  • Peach Tea Scorpion:  Peach Oolong and White Peach Tea infused with Peach Sugar Rush Ghost, Habanero, and Sweet Heat Peppers. Bright fruity notes with a warm, spice finish. 
  • Meyer Tea-Malice: Habanero and Chocolate Scotch Bonnet Peppers blended with Meyer Lemon Tea make this sauce fragrant and citrusy with a vibrant medium spice finish. 
  • Moroccan Mint Tea: Fresh local peppers infused with Moroccan Mint Tea and old world spices. Minty cool up front with a robustly spicy finish. 

Type: Limited Release