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I ❤️ Batavia Hot Sauce Gift Box

A three bottle gift box dedicated to our fellow Batavians! 

Houston St "We are Beeping Hot" Hot Sauce - Fresh superhot peppers from our superfans on Houston Street. This sauce will burn the heck out of ya! 

Houston St "We are Not Alone" Hot Sauce This year, our supefans on Houston St grew so many  peppers, we decided to make a friendlier mild verde to appease the not-so-hot hot sauce lovers. 

Gindos Getting Willy With It - Our super awesome collaboration with fellow hot sauce maker Willy Sauce, where in he fermented fresh habanero and peaches, and then Gindo finished it off with some exta delicious goodness for a medium heat approachable sauce. 

3 bottles, 5 oz each




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