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Gift Set - Gindo's Original Year Round Hot Sauces

We are currently out of stock for our classic Gift Boxes and are hoping to receive a new shipment in the next week or so. In the meantime, all Gift Sets are being packaged as Bundles in a slightly larger box at a Discounted Rate. We apologize for the inconvenience, and appreciate your patience!
  • 3 Bottle Gift Set of Gindo's Year-Round Hot Sauces
  • Featuring your choice of Gindo's Original Fresh and Spicy, Jalapeno Poblano, and Honey Habanero (Gift Box comes with one of each if not specified)
  • Perfect for spice lovers, home cooks, foodies, bloggers, chefs and anyone looking to spice up their life!

Gindo's Spice of Life hot pepper sauces are a wonderful blend of fresh peppers and carefully curated sea salts, perfect for spicing up your food and your life! Included in your gift box is 1 bottle of Gindo's Original Fresh and Spicy---a delicious, well-balanced everyday red hot sauce, 1 bottle of Jalapeno Poblano---a zesty, tangy, milder green sauce, and 1 bottle of Honey Habanero---lusciously sweet with a fiery finish.

* Want to customize your gift box? Just add a note in the shopping cart saying which three Year-Round hot sauces you'd like (Example: 3 Bottles of Gindo's Original) and we'll create the box of your choosing! We can even add a special note for you. Let us know how we can make your gift more special! 

* Are you looking for Gindo's Hot Sauce of the Month Club? Just follow this link...

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