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Farm Gift Box

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Throughout the year with collaborate with local farms to incorporate farm fresh ingredients straight out of the Earth as much as possible. This hot sauce box is a celebration of our relationship with local farms. 

Sol Farms Honey & Passion Fruit Hot Sauce - Fresh peppers from Sol Gardens Farm with passion fruit and local honey make this a perfect sweet and spicy sauce with a medium finish.

Wasco Pepper Blend Hot Sauce This year's hot sauce batch collaboration is rich in fresh pepper flavor thanks to the boutiful harvest from Wasco Nursery! Full bodied and savory with citrus undertones.

Might Greens Farm Fire Roasted Eggplant - Our 4th annual farm fresh collaboration hot sauce with Mighty Greens Farm. We slow roasted and cold smoked eggplant & poblano peppers to create this farm fresh sauce that is earthy, savory & sweet with a warm fiery finish.   

3 bottles, 5 oz each




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