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Chili Sauce

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Gindo's Chili Sauce is a dynamic blend of savory and sweet flavors with a warm fiery finish. With hints of brown sugar, mirin, tamari, porcini mushroom and paprika, followed by a mild to medium heat finish, Gindo's Chili Sauce is sure to complement a wide variety of foods. Grab a bottle of Gindo's Chili Sauce today and pour generously over all your foods for a delicious flavor explosion! 

HEAT LEVEL:  Mild to Medium

GREAT WITH:  Avocado Toast, Sandwiches & Wraps, Grilled Meats, Pastas & Flatbreads, Rice & Grain Bowls, Vegetables, Dumplings

INGREDIENTS:  Red Bell Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Sweet Heat Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Tomato, Brown Sugar, Mirin (Corn Syrup, Fermented Rice Extract, Water, Salt), Rice Vinegar, Himalayan Salt, Alaea Salt, *Tamari (Water, Soybeans, Salt, Alcohol), Shallot, Crushed Red Pepper Flakes, Tapioca Powder,  Paprika, Ground Peppercorn, Xanthan Gum, Spices, Porcini Mushroom *CONTAINS: SOY

SIZE:  5 fl oz (147 ml)




Type: Limited Release