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Caribbean Box

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  • Featuring Gindo's latest creations: Haitian T-Malice, Cuban Mojo, and Bajan Style
  • Each sauce is a vibrant herbaceous blend of bold flavors and spicy peppers inspired by various regions in the Caribbean. 
  • Haitian T-Malice is a trickster in Haitian folklore who tried to outwit his nemesis with hot sauce, but the plan backfired and the sauces became a staple in Haitian cuisine.
  • Mojo sauces originated in the Canary Islands and are known for being garlicky, citrusy, and savory. Our take on the Cuban Mojo is herbaceous, zesty and fiery.
  • A staple in Barbados, Bajan style sauce is a deliciously thick, fiery mustard sauce that will compliment almost any dish or sandwich.

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