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Buon Natale Hot Sauce

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Hot sauce collaboration with Frankie's Deli.

TASTE:  (2nd Annual Sauce) Earthy & savory with subtle hints of olives, capers & fresh tomato unfolding into a fiery hot finish. 

HEAT: Spicy

TRY WITH:  Mussels, Steamed Clams, Seafood Linguini, Calamari, Salmon Dill Soup, Lobster Bisque, Seafood Lasagna

INGREDIENTS:  Red Bell Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Vegetable Stock, Tomato, Habanero Pepper, White Wine, Red Onion, Horseradish (Horseradish, Vinegar, Vegetable Oil, Salt, Citric Acid, Ascorbic Acid), Garlic, Sweet Onion, Sea Salt, Cane Sugar, Kalamata Olive, Black Olive, Capers, Celery, Shallot, Spices, Xanthan Gum, Mushrooms, Lemon Zest

SIZE:  5 fl oz


It's not just hot sauce, it's Gindo's.

Type: Limited Release