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Honey Habanero Hot Sauce

Inspired by a Caribbean style hot sauce we had in Belize years ago, our Honey Habanero hot sauce is the kind of condiment that will have you reaching for the bottle over and over again. Never sacrificing the value of farm fresh produce, Gindo’s Honey Habanero hot sauce achieves a perfect relationship between the subtle sweetness of bell and spicy peppers, leaving wide enough breadth for the food pairing to shine. With such few ingredients, you’ll be amazed at how this habanero hot sauce’s ingredients intermingle on the palate for a multifaceted experience. 

TASTE:  Lusciously sweetened with yellow bell peppers, we’ve fashioned this sauce to have a fiery habanero finish. A beautiful saffron color, topped off with a hint of honey, this habanero hot sauce nearly overlooks its vinegar component and is rounded out by carefully curated himalayan sea salt. 

HEAT:  Medium to Spicy. 

GREAT WITH:  Grilled vegetables, shrimp, fish, rice, chicken, corn on the cob, stir-fry, tamales, burritos, or add to aioli, cream cheese, sour cream, ranch, avocado for a delicious dip or spread. We even love this Honey Habanero sauce added to a mango salsa for a little extra flavor. 

AWARD-WINNING:  Gindo's Honey Habanero Caribbean style hot sauce has earned First Place for Best Caribbean Style at the International Flavor Awards (2016) and X Hot at the Cajun Hot Sauce Festival Hot Sauce Competition (2014)

INGREDIENTS:  Yellow Bell Pepper, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Red Bell Pepper, Habanero Pepper, Organic Cane Sugar, Honey, Sea Salt, Spices, Xanthan Gum


SIZE:  8 FL OZ (237 ML)

Each of Gindo's signature year-round hot sauces is so much more than hot sauce. Purposely designed to be straightforward, versatile pepper sauces that invite creativity from chefs and home cooks, Gindo's Original, Jalapeno Poblano and Honey Habanero can be used in a myriad of ways. The possibilities are endless. Let our sauces inspire you!


Type: Year-Round Sauce

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