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Gindo's Ghost of Christmas Gift Box



***We're all sold out of our Ghost of Christmas sauces until next year! Went quicker than we expected. Thanks for the spicy love! 

  • A gift box featuring Gindo's Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future.
  • Perfect for anyone who enjoys hot hot hot sauces!

This year's crop of ghost peppers was so fruitful, thanks in particular to Matt, a local farmer who let us hand pick over 15 different varietals of superhot peppers, that we decided to make three very different ghost pepper sauces.

We are extremely proud of the way these sauces came out and we especially loved the idea of having a Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future sauce that would make the perfect holiday gift for anyone who truly enjoys heat. Like all Gindo's sauces, these are so much more than just hot; the flavors are special and each one tastes completely different. That being said, these are definitely some of the hottest sauces we have ever made!

For the pepper heads out there who are interested in the different varietals we harvested this year, the lineup includes: Red Ghost Peppers, Yellow Ghost Peppers, Sweet Red Ghost Peppers, 7 Pot Bubblegum, Bhutlah BBG7, Chocolate Ghost Pepper, Chocolate Moruga Scorpion, Jay's Red Ghost Scorpion, Carolina Reapers, Trinidad Butch T Scorpion, CP115 (Douglah crossed with a Butch T Scorpion), and Brown Moruga Scorpions. 

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