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Chocolate Box

  • Featuring Gindo's latest creations: Chocolate Cold Brew, Dark Chocolate Espresso, Black Garlic Mole
  • Three rich and complex hot sauces handcrafted with a variety of fresh peppers, cocoa, locally grown black garlic, roasted coffee and herbs & spices.
  • Chocolate Cold Brew:  Fresh peppers, cold brewed coffee from FreshGround Roast, dark chocolate spices from around the world make this a robust, herbaceous, intricate & flavorful pepper sauce. 
  • Dark Chocolate Espresso:  The slightly sweet & bitter flavor of Dutch chocolate and fresh roasted espresso beans lend a deep velvety texture & rich flavor to this moderately spicy sauce.
  • Black Garlic Mole:  The subtle earthy and unmistakable flavors of fresh peppers, black garlic from Galena Garlic Company, rich dark chocolate & spices fuse together in this lusciously complex pepper sauce.

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